CIS - Link Dispatcher App - Documentation

Sends you to the different modules that are part of the Course Explorer web application with links that are bookmarkable and simple to write and understand.

Writing Links

The links that you can write with the Link Dispatcher App follow a consistent pattern in a clear hierarchy. The basis of this pattern (the pattern that you use for every module) is:

:module is one of schedule, catalog or gened
:year is the 4-digit year
:semester is one of spring, summer or fall.


The Schedule module displays information about subjects, courses and sections that are scheduled for a semester in a year. You can link to the schedule module using the patterns below:

:subject is the abbreviation for the subject in all capital letters (e.g. MATH for Mathematics)
:courseNumber is the 3-digit course number
:crn is the 5-digit Course Registration Number.


The Catalog module displays information about subjects and courses that are offered by the university but may not be offered during the semester being browsed. You can link to the catalog module using the patterns below:


The GenEd module displays the courses that fulfill a general education requirement. You can link to the GenEd module using the patterns below:

:category is the General Education Category code. The values for these codes are: