PUT term

Sets the public indicator and archive indicator for a given term code. Returns the term XML after the indicators for the given term after the update.

Resource URI Example(s)


Query Parameter(s)

Parameter Value(s)
termCode required <TERMCODE>

The term code in CYYYYT where C is the campus code (1 for Illinois), YYYY is the 4-digit year, and T is the term (1 for Spring, 5 for Summer, 8 for Fall).

public required Y or N

A value of Y means the term code will be viewable by everyone. A value of N means the term code is viewable by authorized users only.

archive required Y or N

A value of Y means the subject header information is editable by authorized users. A value of N means the subject headers cannot be edited. See PUT subjects/headers for details for editing subject headers.

Example Raw HTTP Request

PUT https://courses.illinois.edu/cisapi/term?termCode=120111&public=Y&archive=Y

Sample HTTP Request Headers

Sample HTTP Response Headers

Sample HTTP Response Body