GET schedule/:year/:semester/:subject/:course/:crn

Returns details of the specified section scheduled for the given year, semester, subject, course, and CRN.

The crn is the Course Registration Number for the section as it appears in Banner.

Resource URI Example(s)


Path Parameter(s)

Subject codes must be specified in all capital letters using the subject code given by the subjects resource request.

Parameter Parameter Detail
year required 4-digit year (e.g. 2012, 2013).
semester required One of "spring", "summer" or "fall". These must be specified in all lower-case letters.
subject required The subject code abbreviation for the requested subject (e.g. MATH, RHET).
course required The course number for the requested course (e.g. 101, 220).
crn required The 5-digit course registration number for the requested course (e.g. 30107).

Example Raw HTTP Request

Sample HTTP Request Headers

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