GET catalog/:year/:semester

Returns links to the resources for each subject available in the course catalog for the given year and semester.

If cascade mode is specified (see below), then return all subject and course information available. Cascade requests result in a very large amount of data.

HTTP requests to these resources allow for Accept headers of application/xml and application/pdf. Examples for getting XML data are given in this document.

Resource URL Example(s)



Path Parameter(s)

Parameter Parameter Detail
year required 4-digit year (e.g. 2012, 2011)
semester required One of "spring", "summer" or "fall". These must be specified in all lower-case letters.

Query Parameter(s)

Parameter Value(s)
mode optional summary (default value)

Returns links to all subject resources that are in the course catalog for the given year and semester. This is the default mode and does not have to be specified by the request.


Returns all XML data associated with every subject and course for the given year and semester. The responses to these requests are significantly larger than summary mode.

Example Raw HTTP Requests Summary Mode

Sample HTTP Request Headers

Sample HTTP Response Headers

Sample HTTP Response Body